Life story of ZR4C

ZR4C Larus michahellis Yellow-legged gull
Ringing date: 20-06-2012
Metal ring: 6138845
Age at ringing: P
Place: Illas de San Pedro, A Coruña (43.38, -8.449)
Last sighting: 11-03-2020
Veces observada: 3 times
Minimum age: 2821 days (7.7 years)
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No Date Age Place Lat, Long Days Distance (km) Pics Observers Other notes
120-06-2012PIllas de San Pedro, A Coruña43.38, -8.44900Grupo de Anelamento Hércules
213-10-2012IAzurara, Vila do Conde (Porto. Portugal)41.34, -8.745115-228.113-10-2012  Azurara, Vila do Conde (Porto. Portugal)Jorge Moreira
311-03-2020AEncoro de Meicende, Arteixo (A Coruña)43.341, -8.4532821-4.4Antonio López Porto
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13-10-2012  Azurara, Vila do Conde (Porto. Portugal)